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The 3 necessary ingredients for any celebration!

Whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary, wedding or some other important milestone, there are always some important features which are required to make or break your event. Here we list the three most essential elements needed which should be the core focus of your party planning! This isn't to say there aren't other important things to take into account, however if you nail these three, you are onto a great start!

Cloud 9 DJ's Three important Party Essentials

Music to your ears!

It's hard to imagine any party or event without music. Whatever your requirements, be it a sit down meal at a corporate event to a rave at a 21st birthday party, music sets the tone & the beauty is there's a song & genre to suit every mood, every occasion & theme!

If you are taking the DJ route then we always recommend curating a playlist. We have the know how to make your party a success without one, but having that extra knowledge of songs you love (as well as those you dislike) is always an added bonus. This being said, we as DJ's know that even the best playlist will likely need adjusting over the course of the night & knowing when to drop tracks, mix them & avoid them is the difference between an average party & a great one.

Maybe you are taking the live entertainment route. There is nothing quite like the atmosphere of having a live band/group rock your event & level up that party atmosphere. If this is the route you choose we recommend having a playlist they can adopt themselves with songs they don't cover played in the background, before, in-between & after they have performed. If you choose a DJ or a band, moments of silence should always be avoided. Why not team up one of our DJ's with a band for the best of both worlds & leave your guests amazed!

Cloud 9 DJ's Food For Thought

Food for thought...

Whether your gathering is for five people or five hundred, your guests will need to eat. For many, catering is a big headache when planning any event & many leave it to the last minute which always leads to an underwhelming tray or two of sandwiches & some thrown together snacks. This doesn't translate to happy guests & often just a little thought & effort beforehand can be the difference between a fantastic party and a forgettable event.

This doesn't mean you need to go overboard, break the bank & stress yourself out. In fact thinking ahead can save money, stress & lead to better results. To begin with consider your different menu options & work out if they meet your event theme, budget, venue & if your guests will enjoy. Checking early on with guests about dietary requirements & possible allergies doesn't just make your life easier later on but also shows your guests that you care.

Different options to consider are of course a buffet, hors d'oeuvres & canapés, candy carts, barbecue, afternoon tea, sit down meals, desserts & other novelty options such as candy floss, a chocolate fountain or popcorn! Knowing which of these best suits your event & budget early on & most importantly getting people around you to help, is the key to success.

Our team are great at all of these options & can pair them when necessary to make your catering as unique as your event & personalised to you & your guests.

Cloud 9 DJ's The Personal Touches

The personal touch

Whilst the music & food are two important elements, so is the personal touch. If this celebration is like every other, then why even have it? If this is a birthday or anniversary then you want it to stand out from other previous birthdays & other milestone anniversaries. If it's a staff party, you want to out-do all previous parties. If it's a wedding then it's one of, if not the the most important events of your life. Adding that personal touch makes your event stand out from the crowd & keeps guests talking about it in months or even years into the future.

Making your event unique doesn't mean you need to re-invent the wheel. Quite often a few small changes and tweaks on what is "standard" can set your party apart. A unique colour you love as part of the decor or a specific theme can set your party apart. Maybe you can add a bouncy castle or children's entertainer, which keeps the kids busy & the adults happy. Perhaps you add dry ice to your first dance to make that special moment even more unforgettable! Even something like adding karaoke, personalised face masks or a red carpet can make your next party stand out.

It's the little touches at the end of the day that people remember so these should never be overlooked. Don't worry if this all seems like extra work though as we at Cloud 9 can offer all of these party extras and more to make your party planning/booking experience as easy as possible!

Cloud 9 DJ's Celebration Tips

It's important to remember that each celebration will mean something different to everyone so consider your guests as well as yourself & you can't go too far wrong. Planning and delegation is the key to success as well as finding reliable & quality vendors. This in itself can be a time consuming & frustrating job with no guarantees.

At Cloud 9 DJ's we have a wide range of tested vendors we work closely with on a regular basis & due to the repeat work we give them, we get substantial discounts. We pass these discounts onto our customers so not only can we offer multiple services in one booking saving you time & hassle but we can do so at a very reasonable price. Why spend hours or days tracking down different vendors and still be unsure of the quality of service they can provide. Even if you go direct to our vendors, you will still be paying the full price!

We offer a free consultation on our website so get in touch now & put your next party/event on Cloud 9.


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