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The Biggest Party/Event Trends Coming in 2024!

Well done, you have made it to 2024! After navigating the last year & all the festivities & chaos that was Christmas & New Years Eve, it's time to get into the mindset for the coming year. Maybe you have several events coming up this year or just a big one? Whatever your situation, it's never too early to start organising your next event & make sure you are prepared!

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The biggest party trends of 2024

5 biggest trends coming in 2024

To make sure your party is a success we have listed out all the latest celebration & party trends to ensure your event is cutting edge and a huge hit with all your guests.

#1: Hybrid Events

#2: Laid Back Parties

#3: Immersive Technologies

#4: Personalisation

#5: DIY


#1: Hybrid Events

In recent years, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic & rise in people working from home, virtual meetings and the like have become more common place. The hybrid event model, seamlessly blends in-person and virtual components, which will start becoming more evident at events in 2024. Engaging both physical and remote attendees can be great for relatives/friends too far away to join in or large companies with offices over seas who wish to interact!

#2: The Laid Back Celebration Trend

Quite often we associate parties with the wild, alcohol-induced ragers seen in popular TV and film, but in reality 46% of consumers say they most want their celebrations to be laid back and comfortable. One in three consumers, when asked thought that parties in general were getting smaller and over half felt they were more casual now. Much of this is to do with the financial climate at the moment. Many people adapted during Covid & shortly after to having small gatherings and given the rise in inflation, many are still considering the laid back approach!

Laid back events in 2024

#3: Immersive Technologies to Enhance Engagement!

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will become integral tools in event planning. These technologies will be used to create immersive environments, interactive product demonstrations, and unique entertainment experiences that captivate attendees and make events truly unforgettable. This is something event planners such as ourselves will be looking into more over the next few years as the possibilities are mind-blowing. Imagine we have three DJ's hosting individual virtual parties and anyone with the correct info and a headset can enter that party, listen to that music and integrate with other guests. You could switch between parties and there relevant themes/music allowing you to party how you never have before.

#4: Personalisation is the Way Forward...

Guests have come to expect that personal touch tailored to their preferences. There is a lot of competition out there and event organisers are doing all they can to make sure your party is for you, not just a general cookie cutter party. A great way to do this is with a niche theme, personal colour preferences, particular dress code & custom playlist to name a few ideas. This can be a difficult process & requires a lot more work which is why we recommend giving us a try! At Cloud 9 DJ's we personalise all of our products & services to ensure your party is unique to you!

DIY parties in 2024

#5: DIY

As the cost of living continues to rise, consumers are looking for ways to save a few quid without compromising on celebrating the big moments. Popular party planning tactics for 2024 include setting a budget, and limiting the number of guests invited.

For many, the very thought of organizing an event is overwhelming. 53% who are celebrating less also say they’d be stressed out by budget concerns if they had to plan a celebration, and 26% say they’d find arranging the food stressful. This data helps explain why people are getting creative to cut costs – with 43% of consumers looking for sales and discounts, and 20% asking guests to contribute financially (e.g. potluck, or BYOB).

We will be posting lots of party ideas and money saving tips throughout the year so make sure you stay on Cloud 9!

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