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Photo Booths will never be the same again!

Our Photo Booths

Our photo booths differ from the norm in that they aren't really booths at all, more like mini photo studios! In the industry these are known as open air photo booths & we believe they are the best option because they can accommodate larger group photos, take up a small amount of space (tight to a wall) and they are generally less expensive!

We use a photographer, studio lighting, a wind machine & of course a large assortment of wigs, hats, inflatables & other props. We also offer eight different styles of photo booth/studio so you can pick the one that is right for your events theme & budget.

See our eight different styles of booth below. Prices are all based on 3 hours which is what we would recommend for the average party which is 4-5 hours long. This gives time for people to mingle and get settled when they arrive & time for them to all gather on the dance floor at the end of the evening. Prices include editing & retouching the photos. & we don't offer lower prices for less hours. Should you wish to know more about how our photo booths differ from the competition click here.


Our star booth consists of a star cloth backdrop which gives a classic & elegant setting for your photos! This works for all occasions and is budget friendly.


We usually bring an assortment of random props but if the occasion is specific, i.e a 21st birthday or a retirement party for example, we will also bring specific props.

PRICES START AT £250 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)

Cloud 9 DJ's Star Booth
Cloud 9 DJ's Kids Booth


The kids booth differs from our other booths in one distinct way. This is that the props are all kid friendly & are available for them to take home with them. Therefore should they damage a prop, as kids can do, it's no problem. We have a range of different snazzy backdrops which we will match to your colour & theme for your party. 

PRICES START AT £300 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)


Our glow in the dark booth takes advantage of the UV spectrum, using black lights & specialised UV props, wigs & optional paint or make-up to make you glow in the dark!

Create some truly stunning effects & wow your guests with a unique photo booth which will keep your guests entertained throughout your event.

PRICES START AT £350 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)

Cloud 9 DJ's Glow in the Dark Booth
Cloud 9 DJ's Green Screen Booth


Our green screen takes your party/event to the next level. Each guest can choose from 1000 different exciting backdrops out of a book before taking the photo, which we superimpose into the background. We blend you & your guests seamlessly so it appears as if you are elsewhere! Backdrops include various locations, movies, animals, themes & random patterns to suit anyone's taste!

PRICES START AT £450 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)


We take great time & effort when editing any photo from any of our 8 photo booths. However it is with our green screen where you see most of the magic happen. We don't just apply the background, we merge the subject to the tone of the backdrop & use lens flares & light leaks to merge the subject & background seamlessly. 



Our wedding booth is made up of a white star cloth backdrop with white & coloured draping (colour to match your theme). This is finished with wedding themed props to give you the ultimate wedding photo booth.

Classy & elegant, this photo booth will elevate any reception & works for formal, fun & everything inbetween!

PRICES START AT £500 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)

Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Booth
Cloud 9 DJ's Flower Booth


Flower walls have been popular at parties for a while now & that's why we designed our flower booth. Available in 6 different colours/styles to suit your event theme.

Check out the different styles below & pick the wall that's right for you.

PRICES START AT £600 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)



Our corporate booth is ideal for staff, company & charity parties. You send us your logo, small message or picture and we design & print your backdrop. Perfect for brand recognition and as a plus the backdrop is yours to keep after the event! We can use a mix of logo's, text etc & you are sent a digital version which you approve before we print your backdrop!

PRICES START AT £650 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)

Cloud 9 DJ's Corporate Booth
Cloud 9 DJ's Video Booth


Our video booth uses green screen to take your guests on a wild adventure! We can make them look like they are walking on the moon, swimming with sharks or free falling, the possibilities are almost endless. Your guests dance/sing/give you a special "birthday" message etc and we edit this  together to make you a fun & wild music video!

PRICES START AT £700 (This is for 3 hours)

(Prices vary depending on hours & location)

Us vs Others


Most other companies who offer photo booths will set up a DIY booth, where you & your guests take the photos yourselves & you receive a small print copy. Sometimes a message book will be provided for guests to fill in & you will get an assortment of props to have some fun with.

The problem with these DIY booths is that you are limited in size & the amount of guests you can fit into one photo. There is also usually a limit on the number of photos you can have & a majority of the photos will look the same due to lack of direction & inspiration. The small prints are a lovely novelty, however most end up in the bottom of peoples bags or in their back pockets screwed up & eventually thrown away.

Due to all of this, the lack of variety in backdrop designs & the fact that most DIY photo booths are overpriced means we feel you will be better off with Cloud 9 DJ's!


Each of our 8 styles of photo booth are operated by a professional photographer who will get the most out of each photo. They can excite, inspire & engage in a friendly way with your guests & make sure everyone looks stunning!

We don't provide small prints at the event for two reasons. One, as we mentioned above we feel this is a novelty & two, we professionally edit & re-touch every photo to get the best possible results. This can take some time & isn't possible at the event. This is especially true with our Green Screen & Video Booth. Whilst it is possible to superimpose images very quickly, we go for quality & don't cut corners to give you the best results. Instead digital versions will be available online & via a memory stick always within 1 week (usually 3-4 days). 

Our open air booths allow multiple guests to join in on any one photo & as they sit tight to your venue's wall, they don't take up extra room despite the larger backdrop. We also don't limit the number of photos taken & allow people as many as they wish in the given time frame. We use studio lighting (which we can adjust to different people) so each subject is professionally lit & to really blow your guests away, we use a wind machine for certain photos to get different effect or just make your guests laugh as they try to keep their hats, wigs & props on!

We have a huge assortment of props for any given booth & will cater these if your event has a specific theme or if it's a wedding etc. For all these reasons, our variety in booths available & our competitive prices we feel your best choice for a photo booth is with Cloud 9 DJ's!

All of our booths are approximately 3m x 3m (they may differ slightly) and will require a minimum depth/room of 2 meters. This is for the photographer to stand back far enough to get the shot. Also a minimum of two plug sockets must be available nearby. We always bring our own extension cables.

Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Photo Booth

Say Cheers!

Photo Booths are pretty much synonymous with parties now whatever the occasion which is why we offer 8 different styles for you to choose from. Check them out here & put your Photo Booth on Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 DJ's Photo Booth Celebration

Shine Like a Star!

With every booth we use a professional photographer & studio lighting for you & your guests rather than fobbing you off with a DIY booth. Our photographers can choreograph & adapt where a booth can't offering a funnier, personalised service your guests will love!

Cloud 9 DJ's Glow in the Dark Booth

Glow in the Dark

Our glow in the dark booth takes advantage of the UV spectrum, using black lights and specialised UV props, wigs & paint to make you glow in the dark like you never have before! This can create some very cool effects your guests will love!

Cloud 9 DJ's Photo Booth Balloons

Green with Envy

Our Green Screen/Chroma Key Booth is incredibly popular for its diversity. Each guest can choose from 1000 different exciting backdrops which we superimpose into the background. We blend you seamlessly so it appears as if you are elsewhere! This makes for a fun filled exciting album that will feel your friends with envy!

Cloud 9 DJ's Green Screen Photo Booth

Prop Up

Included with each booth is a large assortment of props, wigs & inflatables, signs, frames, hats, studio lighting & a wind machine which will blow your guests away!

Cloud 9 DJ's Photo Booth Props

Picture Perfect

Using the most up to date editing software our creative team know how to get the most out of your photos! We don't just throw on a cheap filter. Each photo is meticulously edited & re-worked to provide you with the picture perfect album you've always wanted!

Us vs Others
Why Hire Us?
Our Photo Booths
Flower Booth/Wall
Cloud 9 DJ's Photo Album


Our creative design team love bringing your photos to life  in a professionally crafted album. No more sliding photos into plastic sleeves, we print directly onto thick glossy paper, seamlessly bounded, Hard Acrylic Cover with Gold trim! We can even include personalised messages from your guests! 

Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Album
Image by Axel Vazquez



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