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Life & Soul of the Party!

Extra services you didn't know you needed!

Cloud 9 DJ's 4k Aerial Drone


Take your wedding film to new heights & add some Hollywood glamour to your final DVD with our impressive 4K Drone! Imagine sweeping shots of you & your guests offering more spectacle to your wedding or event! Pilots are experienced and are fully licensed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). 

Cloud 9 DJ's Aerial Drone Photography & Film
Cloud 9 DJ's Kid on Bouncy Castle
Cloud 9 DJ's Boy Playing in Bouncy Castle


We have a huge range of Bouncy Castles available including indoor, outdoor, kids, adults, slides, disco domes, soft play and fun run castles & ball pits!

Cloud 9 DJ's Bubbles


A fantastic extra for kids parties to keep them entertained and amazed. Also surprisingly popular among certain adults & fantastic in photos for your next big celebration or Wedding!

Cloud 9 DJ's Bubble Machine Wedding Photography
Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Cloud 9 DJ's Candy Carts


Satisfy your guests cravings with a huge sugar rush of candy delights including assorted chocolates, candy's & sweets, pick n mix and party bags! Consult with us to customise you cart to your acquired tastes!

Image by Eilis Garvey


An unmissable, technicoloured, party guest who delights audiences with his fun & colourful nature - and many balloons! Let us introduce Rabbie, the most popular children's entertainer in the country. Energetic &engaging, perfect for your child's next party! 

Cloud 9 DJ's Children's Entertainer Balloon Animals
Image by Jordon Conner
Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Confetti Cannon


Your guests will have a blast with our confetti cannon! Perfect for those extra special occasions such as Weddings and Proms! Available in Mirrored, Coloured or UV confetti.

Cloud 9 DJ's Dry Ice Machine


You & your guests will be dancing on Cloud 9 with our dry ice machine. This timeless effect is perfect for the first dance at your wedding and makes for some awesome photos and unforgettable memories.

Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Couple dancing on Dry Ice
Cloud 9 DJ's Catering Edible Balloons
Cloud 9 DJ's Catering Edible Mist Orbs




If you are looking for something a little more unique why not take a look at our interactive edibles, such as our Edible Balloons, Edible Bubbles or Edible Mist Orbs! Food you & your guests can have some real fun with! 

Cloud 9 DJ's Face Painting


Creative & super fast, our face painters are great at making your children look awesome and speedy enough so they can get back to the fun & games without growing impatient!

Cloud 9 DJ's Face Painting
Baby Shower Gifts
Gift Bags


A great addition to kids parties, baby showers, hen do's and staff parties!

Our gift bags are designed bespoke for your budget and requirements fitting into your parties theme! All ready & waiting at your event venue!

Image by Dmitry Mashkin


The perfect gift if you are booking on behalf of someone else. We can put together a bespoke hamper full of awesome treats & goodies, gifts and surprises tailored to your requirements and budget. Ideal for any birthdays & anniversaries/weddings.

gift in a basket, grey background.jpg
Cloud 9 DJ's Ice Luge
Cloud 9 DJ's Ice Bar Sculpture




Chill out your guests with our cool Ice Luges & Sculptures! Create a stunning spectacle & centerpiece for big events, an interactive Ice Luge to drink from or an Ice Bar for a party your guests wont forget!

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen


Whether you have the perfect singing voice or just love belting out some classics with your friends, karaoke can be a great way to keep everyone entertained, laughing & interacting! We have mics, props, karaoke books & can even film the highlights for you all to look back on!

Cloud 9 DJ's Karaoke
Cloud 9 DJ's Mandaps
Cloud 9 DJ's Mandap Floral Decorations


Perfect for Asian/Indian weddings & ceremonies, our range of Mandaps offers you a variety of styles & finishes, with dressed silk flowers at an additional cost. Thrones & additional matching furniture are also available! 

Cloud 9 DJ's Marryoke Couple Singing


A music video starring you & your guests! You choose the song & we film you & your guests singing/miming the words. This can take place over the whole day. We then edit this together to give you a music video you will love & cherish forever!

Cloud 9 DJ's Marryoke
Image by Jacek Dylag
Image by James Sutton


Certain venues, especially temporary ones like Marquees don't have bars, but we do! Choose the style from modern cocktail, mirror, traditional, roaming etc and the size, we do the rest. Accessories, glassware & bar equipment available.

Cloud 9 DJ's Catering Savoury Foods



As well as the standard party catering we offer other popular favourites such as Popcorn (sweet & salty) & hot dogs with buns, napkins & assorted condiments.

Cloud 9 DJ's Catering Hotdogs
Cloud 9 DJ's Catering Doughnuts
Cloud 9 DJ's Catering Candy Floss



Doughnuts, Candy Floss, Chocolate Fountains, Slush Puppies, Ferrero Rocher Love Hearts, Ice Cream & Sweet Cones are all awaiting your sweet toothed guests!  

Cloud 9 DJ's Personalised Face Photo Buntin




Party accessories with a personal touch! Our face masks & cardboard cut-outs are the perfect way to show that special someone/couple how much you care. Cardboard cut-outs can be miniature tabletop 40cm tall, or life size (single or couple). Face photo buntin is also available!

Cloud 9 DJ's Personalised Photo Face Masks
Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Album
Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Album



Bring your photo album to life in an exciting & creative way with our high quality photo albums! Thoughtfully crafted every step of the way from the impressive acrylic photo cover to the glossy printed pages with Gold/Silver Trim, seamless spreads, all laid out by our design team!

Image by Alex Litvin


If you wish to showcase photos at a party what better way then with our Projector & Screen.  Catch your audiences attention & cycle through your list of photos & film in a creative slideshow made by us! You simply provide the photos/footage & we do the rest. So much more creative then photos stuck on a wall & a great  keepsake for you & your friends/loved ones.

Cloud 9 DJ's Projector & Screen
Cloud 9 DJ's Prop Box Party
Cloud 9 DJ's Prop Box


We have all been there. The alcohol is starting to take effect & everyone adventures to the dance floor... but something's missing... Props! Our prop box is full of a range of hats, glasses, ties, wigs, inflatables & other assorted items your guests wont be able to keep there hands off of. Great for a fun filled night & some crazy photos and the best part is the props are yours to keep.

Cloud 9 DJ's Red Carpet


Looking to make an impressive entrance? Look no further. Our red carpet & post barriers will add some Hollywood glamour to your event  & dazzle your guests before they even get inside! 

Cloud 9 DJ's Red Carpet & Post Barriers
Cloud 9 DJ's Silent Disco
Cloud 9 DJ's Silent Disco DJ


Looking to party hard without waking the neighbours? We've got you covered. 3 channels of music to suit all your guests with volume all controlled via your headphones! Ideal for indoor & outdoor events. Huge stock of headphones available to cater to even the biggest of events!

Cloud 9 DJ's Snow Machine Kids Christmas Party


Perfect for Christmas Staff Parties & a huge hit with kids for the festive season. Also a fantastic effect in photos and therefore ideal at big events like Weddings!

Cloud 9 DJ's Snow Machine 1st Dance at a Wedding
Cloud 9 DJ's Up Lighting
Cloud 9 DJ's Up Lighting


The correct up-lighting can transform your venue & give the entire area a celebratory atmosphere. We can cater to any colour palette you require and can fill larger areas with flood lighting if required.

Image by Axel Vazquez



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