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Fulfillment/Shipping Policy

Please find below our fulfillment/shipping policy. Should you have any questions not addressed here please contact us & we will get back to you ASAP!

Cloud 9 Fulfillment/Shipping Policy

Fulfillment of services

Cloud 9 DJ's provide you (the customer) with services such as DJ's, other live entertainment and much more. In order to complete the booking of these services you (the customer) must do as follows...

  • Complete our booking/consultation form.

  • We will then contact you to confirm our availability on the date chosen for the services you require. This will include the amount needed for the deposit (to be paid within 2 weeks) and the remaining balance to be paid on the day/night of the event.

  • Once the deposit has been paid we will send you confirmation of the booking/receipt of payment.

  • Cloud 9 DJ's will arrive at the venue at the agreed upon time and will setup to provide you with your chosen services.

  • The remaining balance should be paid to the designated staff (included in the confirmation) at some point during the event.

  • Remaining services such as photo/film editing will take place after the event. The wait time for this will be discussed and confirmed with you prior to the event.

Shipping Policies

Cloud 9 DJ's are primarily a service based company rather than a product based company. All services and products used to make them happen are delivered to your chosen venue on the time specified during the booking process. However we do offer delivery of memory sticks and photo albums after the date of booking. 

Prices for delivery/shipping of these products will be included in the total balance paid during the event. This information will be included in our confirmation so all costs are as transparent as possible. Shipping methods & delivery times will differ depending on your location & requirements. This will all be confirmed during the booking process.

Should there be unforeseen circumstances that cause delay to your product then Cloud 9 DJ's can't offer a refund. We will however do our best to remedy the situation and where possible offer discounts on future services/products. This will be at the discretion of Cloud 9 DJ's. 

Returns & exchanges

Memory sticks & photo albums are bespoke items & therefore refunds/exchanges are not possible.

We do however consult with you beforehand to make sure the design & style of your photos/album are to your liking. By doing so we hope to eliminate any chance of providing you a product you dislike. Should you still be unhappy with your product then it is down to the discretion of Cloud 9 DJ's as to how best proceed. Should we believe you have a good point/argument we will always do our best to remedy the situation and make things right.

Fulfillment of services
Shipping Policies
Returns & Exchanges
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