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Marquees & Accessories for your next outdoor event

Our Marquees

We have a vast range of marquees in different styles & sizes enabling us to provide structures to cover 10, 100 or even a 1000 people at once. We are the ideal solution whether you are having a small resident garden party, a large lavish wedding or a huge outdoor sporting event! 

We also have all the accessories you could ever need to adapt your marquee accordingly. We can provide furniture, bars, heating, lighting, dance floors etc making us the one stop shop for all your party/event needs. Check out our different styles below to suit different types of event!


Give your next garden party a sense of occasion with a professional marquee. British weather is very unpredictable but our Marquees take the doubt out of your event planning ideas & gives you the flexibility to get creative with your design.

Another bonus is, it's your party and your venue so there is nobody to rush you along & dictate when the party must finish etc. However it's always a good idea to keep your neighbours happy or better still, invite them over! We can also conduct a free site survey to assess your area, advise on ideas and let you know what is possible!

Cloud 9 DJ's Garden Party Marquee
Cloud 9 DJ's Wedding Marquee Interior


Whether it's a small close family event or 500 plus people, we can provide your Marquee stress free! With many venues having restrictions on the number of guests, time limitations & spacial logistics marquees have become a very popular option. This way you can have your day exactly how you want, because after all, it's your day!

Our team are experts on creating spaces for your ceremony & reception & open to any of your ideas & visions. We will liaise with you & the venue to ensure everything runs smoothly from quotation, to installation & removal, enabling you to enjoy your day!


Marquees have become an essential part of every outdoor large public event & our team has experience with some of the best. Working at Royal Family events with the highest of security through to music & food festivals, marathons & much more! Whether you want one large Marquee to cover a stage or several smaller marquees, we can bring your vision to life.

For events such as this we can provide structures for security, first aid, entrance & ticket barriers, VIP/Green rooms, changing & backstage areas, stallholders, bars and much more!

Cloud 9 DJ's Festival & Sporting Event Marquees
Cloud 9 DJ's Corporate Events


Marquees are the perfect option for any corporate event because you can create the perfect venue to suit your business! With our extensive range of marquees & endless options for interiors & accessories the only limits are your imagination & budget.

We have set up marquees for client entertainment, PR events, press launches, office/staff parties, fun days, team building, fundraising events, corporate sports days, summer balls, dinner dances, fashion shows & much more. Contact us now & see what our team can do for you & your business!

Our Marquee Accessories

Accessories, furniture & ultimately the way your interior is dressed is of the utmost importance for any event.

We have an extensive range of interior linings, furniture, lighting, flooring & more to compliment your event.


We can provide luxurious and stylish interior linings in black, white and ivory with coloured valances and overlays to work with your colour scheme. We can also supply blackout and starlight linings for that showstopping visual effect.


We have an extensive stock of banqueting chairs in various colours and styles, with a wide range of banqueting tables in various sizes to accommodate different guest numbers.


We have a wide stock of lounge furniture including sofas and coffee tables for the ultimate chill out area.


We stock both hard and soft flooring options from Dandy Dura Matting in black or beige to our Solid Non Slip PVC Event Flooring which is suitable for use with or without carpet covering. We are able to source carpet in a wide range of colours to match almost any colour scheme.


We can provide a wide range of lighting from the classic chandelier, to fairy, mirror balls and coloured spot lights.

Hire one of our DJ's and they can bring an assortment of lights also to really get the party going!


Dance Floors are available in a variety of styles from Black & White Checkerboard to Polished Parquet and others in between.

Our LED dance floors are not available under a marquee because the ground needs to be 100% level.


We can provide bars in various sizes and styles, from natural wood to aluminium and LED bar units.


Heating is available in many forms dependent on the size structure you have.

We will suggest the best heating solutions when we know more about your event.

Marquee Size Guide

3m Frame Marquees

Marquee Size                      Seat    Stand

  • 3m x 6m (10' x 20')     20           30

  • 3m x 9m (10' x 30')     30           40

  • 3m x 12m (10' x 40')    40           50

  • 3m x 15m (10' x 50')    50           60

6m Clearspan & Frame Marquees

Marquee Size                   Seat    Stand

  • 6m x 6m (20' x 20')     40        50

  • 6m x 9m (20' x 30')          60           75

  • 6m x 12m (20' x 40')         80           100 

  • 6m x 15m (20' x 50')         100          125

  • 6m x 18m (20' x 60')         120          150

  • 6m x 21m (20' x 70')         140          175

  • 6m x 24m (20' x 80')        160          200

9m Clearspan Marquees

Marquee Size                 Seat    Stand

  • 9m x 9m (30' x 30')    90       115

  • 9m x 12m (30' x 40')   120      150

  • 9m x 15m (30' x 50')   150     185

  • 9m x 18m (30' x 60')   180     225

  • 9m x 21m (30' x 70')   210     265

  • 9m x 24m (30 x 80')  240    300

  • 9m x 27m (30' x 90')  270    335

  • 9m x 30m (30' x 100')  300   370

12m Clearspan Marquees

Marquee Size                        Seat    Stand

  • 12m x 12m (40' x 40')      160      200

  • 12m x 15m (40' x 50')      200     240

  • 12m x 18m (40' x 60')      240     300

  • 12m x 21m (40' x 70')      280     350

  • 12m x 24m (40' x 80')     320     400

  • 12m x 27m (40 x 90')      360     450

  • 12m x 30m (40' x 100')    400     500

  • 12m x 33m (40' x 110')     440     550

  • 12m x 36m (40' x 120')    480     600

15m Clearspan Marquees

Marquee Size                    Seat   Stand

  • 15m x 15m (50' x 50')   250     310

  • 15m x 20m (50' x 65')  300     380

  • 15m x 25m (50' x 82')  350     440

  • 15m x 30m (50' x 98')  400     500

  • 15m x 35m (50' x 115')  450     560

  • 15m x 40m (50 x 131')   500     625

  • 15m x 45m (50' x 148')  550     690

  • 15m x 50m (50' x 164')  600     750

  • 15m x 55m (50' x 180')  650     810

  • 15m x 60m (50' x 197')  700     875

Leader Oriental Marquees

Marquee Size                  Seat  Stand

  • 6m x 6m (20' x 20')    40     60

  • 6m x 12m (20' x 40')   80     120

Cloud 9 DJ's Aerial shot of Marquee

A Change of Venue

If you are looking for a Marquee company, look no further!

We have all you need to take your event outdoors & custom build your event space to suit your individual needs!

Cloud 9 DJ's Marquee

Down the Garden Path

Turn your garden into the dream Party/Reception area & have all the extravagance of a high end venue on your doorstep. We will work closely with you to make your dreams come to life!

Cloud 9 DJ's Marquee Interior

Made to Measure

We have a huge variety of Marquees in stock including Roder, Hocker, Giulio Barbieri, Clearspan & Leader Oriental styles. Each comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs & grounds!

Cloud 9 DJ's Marquee Interior Fairy Lights

Deck Out

Marquees give you the flexibility to create the setting you require no matter the time of year. We have a large selection of draping, lights, flowers & flooring so you can create your dream venue!

Cloud 9 DJ's Marquee Interior Flowers

The Heat is On!

We wont let any cold weather or late night chills stop us! We have a range of heaters of different sizes so we can keep you & your guests warm, no matter how many guests you have!

Cloud 9 DJ's Marquee Festoon Lighting

Part of the furniture

We can also help you with regards to chairs & tables, centerpieces, linens & napkins, staging & a mobile bar! Everything you need for your outdoor/marquee event in one place!